"Having faced trauma and later diagnosed with PSTD, any memory triggering trauma I faced before would trigger an unexplainable emotion and stress that I couldn’t control. Getting to learn about the science of emotion and related calming techniques has made me rediscover myself. I am able to control my emotions or any insecurities I can possibly associate with trauma. Glad to have enrolled for this course!"

Course Overview Video


This course includes 21 videos and the following PDF downloadable books:

My Academy Membership - QUICK GUIDE

The Warrior Class: A Guide for PTSD Survivors

The Warrior Class: Caregiver's Guide to PTSD

The PTSD Blueprint

Combat PTSD in America: Toward a Permanent Solution

Clinician's Guide to the STAPLE Approach to PTSD


The Mental Component: For Trauma Survivors (*rated T for teen)

Flagship course for PTSD survivors wanting to take back their health and indepence.

Shame is erased through knowledge. Prepare to speed up your learning curve on PTSD. Taught by Daniel Williams, MD, The Mental Component includes 21 videos, each with separate PDF slide handouts. This is the long-form lecture style taught in hospital-quality PTSD programs internationally. Sections include: Regulating Emotion, Choosing Power, Living Faith, and The Body Component.