"The course is well planned to give a better understanding and deal with anxiety. Before taking this course, anxiety cost me various job opportunities due to fumbling and sweating in interviews even after exceeding the requirements and proper preparation. Through Dr William’s anxiety reduction course, I understood how my body's emotions, mental, spiritual, and physical perspectives are related. I no longer panic when engaging with people I meet for the first time. I am a living proof that anxiety is manageable upon being bold enough and taking the next step to get assistance from a professional. I recommend this course to anyone battling anxiety and panic-related disorders. Regards."

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Anxiety Reduction Course

For Panic Disorder associated with PTSD.

The course is divided into four sections based upon physical, mental, spiritual/energetic, and emotional health. Dr. Williams teaches integration, holistic therapeutics, aromatherapy, essential oils as medications according to the FDA and more. Handouts include Dr. Williams first publication in 2014 against the diluted versions of essential oils sold in retail establishments.

MAJ Daniel Williams, MD

"I can only promise to share with you the tips I've used and have learned from thousands of warriors for freedom I've met along the way."